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LIP BLED received the PEFC certificate

LIP BLED, d.o.o, received the PEFC conformity certificate (ST 2002:2020) for the scope of its activities in the field of "PEFC door leaves and frames". This honour gave the company a significant competitive advantage in selling interior doors and frames on the Slovene and western markets, to which the company exports most of its products.


What does PEFC stand for?

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation. It is an international non-governmental and non-profit organisation promoting sustainable forest management around the world. PEFC certified timber products come from sustainably managed forests. Forests with a PEFC certificate are supervised by independent assessors on a regular basis.

»It pays to buy certified wood.«.

Wood and paper products with a PEFC certificate originate from legal and sustainable sources.


In buying products with a PEFC certificate, you:

  • support sustainable forest management around the world;
  • help protect forests for present and future generations;
  • promote the responsible use of wood;
  • campaign against illegal logging and clearing of forests.


This is why you should always buy products with a PEFC certificate and protect the environment.