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Wooden windows LIP BLED ELEGANCE

The LIP BLED ELEGANCE windows are classic wooden windows suitable for renovation or new construction projects. Energy-efficient and natural, also available in the WOOD / ALU version. Natural materials are also used for the surface protection coating. Available as wooden windows, balcony doors, sliding and panoramic walls. For more details >>

Standard wooden windows for new construction or renovation

Perfect for those that prefer wood and natural materials. The standard wooden windows LIP BLED with a class B **** energy efficiency provide a superior quality of living and a simple solution for a natural protection of your home against unfavourable weather conditions.
You can choose from various colour combinations and wood types, accessories for hinges and ventilation.   

The windows are equipped with integrated glass panels, hinges and seals as standard. It is also possible to integrate special glass panels, safety hinges and additional seal. Another important element are the two rain drip deflectors, mounted on the window leaf and frame, protecting the most sensitive parts against external weather conditions as well as integrated elastic seals that provide excellent sealing.

ALU / WOOD combination

They are also available in the ALU / WOOD version - the exterior aluminium masks can be coated in any colour from the RAL colour chart. This combination preserves all the excellent thermal and sound insulation features and at the same time provides an optimal solution for those lacking the time for periodic surface renewal.

Thermal TGI spacer

The TGI warm edge spacer significantly reduces the thermal conductivity of windows and, as a result, the heat loss in your apartment. Using the TGI spacer also reduces the condensation effect at the edges of insulating glass panels by lowering the centre-to-edge temperature difference.


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