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VIVA + furniture

VIVA + furniture is made of solid beechwood with different surface finishes. Furnish your bedroom, living room, teen and children's rooms, entry hall or include only the furniture pieces you need. Also available in solid spruce wood. For more details >>

VIVA + furniture collection is made of solid beechwood with different surface finishes.

VIVA + furniture is designed for:

  • bedroom,
  • living room,
  • teen bedroom,
  • children's room,
  • entry hall, etc.

The width, depth and height of elements can be adjusted to fit any room.
They can be used together to design any room or let each furniture piece shine on its own by only including individual elements of armoires and closets. 


Choose from different surface finishes of the furniture:

  • lacquered white,
  • lacquered cherry,
  • lacquered wenge,
  • lacquered natural,
  • oiled,
  • brown


VIVA + is also available in solid spruce wood:

  • lacquered white coffee
  • lacquered natural
  • lacquered hazelnut
  • brown


Our furniture is equipped with high-quality metal fittings from renowned manufacturers, which allow a quick as well as a repeated assembly of closets and beds. The inside of closet doors is fitted with anti-bending slats (for door stability).


We use natural materials in the manufacturing process

In accordance with EU directives, biologically degradable materials, including solid wood, are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to basic natural materials, our furniture is treated with environmentally-friendly surface protection. Only water-based varnishes are used for furniture made of spruce wood. In addition to conventional lacquered coatings, all beech and spruce products can also be processed with an entirely natural bio oil bearing a European certificate from an institute in Dresden.


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