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Purchase of Logs

We purchase logs directly from forest owners and process it in our own sawmill, thus providing additional jobs for our local community.

We purchase spruce, fir and pine wood.  For more details >>

We purchase spruce, fir and pine wood.

The purchase takes place:

  • in the production plant of LIP BLED and
  • next to a forest road suitable for trucks.

Timber is categorised as:

  • AB – healthy solid timber;
  • C – healthy timber, not too knotty;
  • D1 – deadwood, bark-beetle-infested, knotty, with blue stains;
  • D2 – slightly brown timber with minor irregularities;
  • D3 – significantly brown timber with major irregularities;
  • CEL – cellulose timber.

We offer:

  • high purchase prices;
  • short payment terms and good payment discipline;
  • precise timber measurement;
  • fair categorisation of timber;
  • fair treatment of forest owners.

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