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Indoor and Outdoor Window Blinds

We offer all-in-one solutions for sun protection and room decoration with window blinds. Let us help you improve your quality of life at home or at work by making it more dynamic. For more details >>

We go to great lengths to satisfy the individual needs of every single customer. We are happy to help you choose the ideal window blind, taking into consideration your personal requirements.

Indoor Window Blinds

  • interior blinds are used for sun protection and room decoration;
  • pleated and duette blinds are an attractive way of providing shading, and can also serve as decoration and the semi-darkening of a room;
  • panel curtains create a modern and dynamic atmosphere;
  • vertical blinds provide a good balance between elegance and functionality;
  • double window blinds consist of two layers and innovative materials that enable full or partial room darkening.

Outdoor Window Blinds

  • free-hanging roller blinds;
  • external venetian blinds “Krpanare characterized by their endurance and high quality. They are the ideal protection against external influences and prevent the overheating of the window surface;
  • external venetian blinds (50mm) are used as sun protection for small and medium-sized window surfaces.

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