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SANA furniture

In the last five years, this furniture line has been a bestseller in Austria, Switzerland and Southern Germany. The mountain pine or “König in der Alpen” (King of the Alps) grows at an altitude of approx. 1,400 m above sea level. Compared to the regular pine tree, its wood is slightly lighter and contains many healthy wood knots. It has a very distinct and relaxing smell. The wood has been tested at the Austrian institute “Joanneum Research” in Graz, which proved its positive effects on wellbeing. It lowers blood pressure and consequently also reduces the heart rate. It can save as many as 3,500 heart beats in a single day (about 1 hour of heart beats per day). This makes it the most suitable type of wood for furnishing bedrooms or living spaces where we spend most of our time.  For more details >>

The Sana Bedroom will help you get a good and restful night’s sleep. Its design features soft lines and the bed is entirely made of wood  –  without any metal parts. There are two additional options available for increasing the already comfortable height of the bed frame base. You can choose from two types of beds. It is possible to install two drawers under the bed, which are designed to increase ventilation. The head of the bed can be made from solid wood or natural leather in brown or white. The closet doors and drawer fronts can also be fitted with a brown or white glass. The Sana bedroom is equipped with high-quality hinges made by European manufactures and comes with a soft-closing system for drawers and doors. The closets can be easily reassembled several times.

The brushed surface of the furniture is coated with a special natural – mineral oil, which is odourless.  This finishing accentuates a very distinct natural smell of wood, typical for the mountain pine, which lasts for many years.



The SANA collection is made from solid mountain pie wood with a natural lacquered or oiled surface finish.

The exquisite solid wood furniture is designed for furnishing:

  •          living room,
  •          bedroom,
  •          teen bedroom,
  •          children’s room,
  •          entry hall,
  •          dining room,
  •          changing room,
  •          home office or study room.

The width, depth and height of elements can be adjusted to fit any room. You can use them together in different configurations or you can let each furniture piece shine on its own by only including individual armoires and closets.

Our furniture is equipped with high-quality metal fittings from renowned manufacturers, which allow for a quick assembly as well as repeated reassembly of closets and beds.


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