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Front doors give the first impression of our home.

Traditional or modern front doors made of wood, glass or in combination with aluminium.

Our product range also includes energy-efficient front doors suitable for passive houses with remarkable thermal insulation. In addition to single-leaf doors, we also offer doors with one or two side elements and garage doors.

Advantages of lipbled front doors:

  • mechanism against warping (straightening option at a later stage);
  • top quality, modern or rustic design;
  • excellent seal (broader seal, 18mm);
  • flexibility, produced according to our customers' needs;
  • thresholds are as suitable for new as for renovated buildings;
  • single-leaf door in combination with one or two side elements;
  • the design of garage doors can match that of front doors;
  • if required, we can manufacture doors with larger dimensions: up to a height of 300cm and a width of 130cm;
  • production of doors suitable for passive houses – Ud = 0,62W/m2K;
  • production of doors with a combination of WOOD and ALUMINIUM, with an aluminium casing attached to a spacer, enabling the air to circulate and eventual moisture condensation to dry;
  • door handles in different shapes and sizes (on both sides, a combination of a door handle and a pull handle, etc.) and various lock systems.


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Front Doors