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Formwork Panels

Formwork panels are made of three water-resistant layers of spruce or fir wood glued together. Waterproof surface and edges. Produced in Slovenia. For more details >>

Formwork Panels, Systems and Girders

The two external layers consist of longitudinal strips glued together at the side and a middle layer of small crosswise strips framed with longitudinal and frontal closing strips.

Minimal deformation of panels due to the three-layer principle. Edges are coated with a façade acrylic paint.


    • used for shuttering concrete constructions;
    • minimum deformation, high bending strength;
    • with a thickness of 21 and 27mm (+/–1) and a length of 1-3m;
    • smooth polished surface coated by a protective melamine resin;
    • waterproof edge and crosswise middle layer protected by a frame;
    • waterproof adhesion in accordance with the AW 100 DIN standard.

Functional advantages:

    • a wide array of panels for various purposes;
    • high-value, simple, efficient and clean application;
    • multiple use, simple cleaning and maintenance, long-lasting;
    • solid construction;
    • high bending strength, minimal wood deformation;
    • high weather resistance.

Panel types and dimensions:

Panel type thickness
in mm
width in mm length in mm weight in kg/m2
21 mm 21
(20.9 +/-1)
500 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 10.0
27 mm 27
(26.6 +/-1)
500 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 12.5


Instructions for use:

Always thoroughly wet the panels with water before concreting. When the concrete has dried and you remove the panels, clean them as quickly as possible and place them on an even surface. Maintain the panels, preferably with a paraffin paste and oil in accordance with the manufacturers instructions (also prior to their first application). Avoid damaging panels with nails, screws and boreholes.

Instruction and maintenance manual (pdf)


Pallet packaging: 40 panels per pallet (27mm), 2 x 50 panels per pallet (21mm), secured by PVC wrapping.



LIP Bohinj, d.o.o., is the 15th Slovene company to receive the PEFC certificate of origin and the first to certify an end product (formwork panel) in Slovenia.


PEFC certifikat za dejavnosti opažne plošče, hlodovina in leseni ostanki (odpadki)

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