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Door Handles and Fittings

You can choose between different types of door handles and find the one that perfectly matches your interior decoration: aluminium or stainless-steel door handles. For more details >>

Aluminium Door Handles

Characterised by their functional form and attractive metal design (surface processing F9), our high-quality aluminium door handles have lately been used more often than those made of stainless steel.


  • made of the finest aluminium alloys;
  • oxidation resistant;
  • oxidation surface layer protects against external influences;
  • easy to maintain due to the oxidation protection layer;
  • simple cleaning with a soft moist cloth.

Stainless-Steel Door Handles

The stainless-steel door handle sets are made of high-quality chrome-nickel steel. Stainless steel products prove advantageous not only in public, but also in residential buildings.


  • rust- and acid-resistant (hand sweat) with a robust surface;
  • dirt that eventually occurs on the product can easily be eliminated with detergents for stainless steel.

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